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This is how you can transmit music with light

My most recent project was to transfer music with the help of light. This is actually a part of a very large project.

Things that you will need!

  1. LM386 audio amplifier chip
  2. LED ( white or blue preffered)
  3. Audio jack
  4. Solar Panel
  5. Capacitors: (50 uF (2), 1000uF (1))
  6. Wire
  7. Breadboard
  8. Speaker.
  9. 3.3 volt and 5 volt power supply

Let’s start!

Step 1:

 Sorry, Img not available
Here a peltier module image is used since a real solar panel was not available in fritzing.:)
This amplifier is extremely easy to make and only costs about 1$ (if the components are purchased in bulk)

Step 2

Now we have to make the transmitter. It is a very simple voltage amplifier circuit that works with 3 volts. You can make the circuit by looking at the schematic below.
 Sorry, Img not available

STEP 3: (Not mandatory)

You can also see the image below to get an idea of the circuit on a PCB.
 Sorry, Img not available
And done. Your wireless transmitter is ready. You can now make it and enjoy. Also see video below for further details.
Link Of the video
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